Card of the day ❤️ The Littlest Faery. Let faery blessings and magic into your life. Notice the small things in nature.. dew on the grass, a rainbow in a crystal, a flower in bloom, a tiny snail going about his day. Just for today, notice things that are usually overlooked. Be alert for small signs coming your way from the faery. Faeries are often tiny, but they are very strong. They whisper in the ears of earth guardians and wildlife warriors, asking them to protect trees and animals. Is there something you can do.. today.. to help with nature? Help an animal? Leave an offering for the wee fae folk? You know they love milk and honey, right? Have a sparkly magical day! ❤️🍄🌲16711930_1310991882314450_1704814988706442718_n


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